Our Services

Shoreline specialise in the acquisition of inshore bathymetric and geophysical surveys. We compliment these survey types with other closely related survey disciplines such as vessel mounted LIDAR, tide and current studies and other below water imaging services. All the equipment listed below is owned by us. As such, we know that it has been cared for, serviced and is fit for purpose. We also know with intricate detail how each piece of equipment works which means that we use it appropriately, understand its limitations and employ it within its design specification.  

Below is a list of the key services we offer. If you are seeking details of other survey types please contact us.  

Multibeam Bathymetry

A multibeam echo sounder uses a swath of sound to determine top sediment bed levels. It is used typically to map seabed levels in ports and harbours where full sounding coverage is required. It may also be used to map quay walls to determine the integrity of the wall structure. Multibeam bathymetry will provide high density sounding data within the survey area. It will provide plan level information on a grid of near 100% coverage. Output data is typically provided on a 0.5 metre grid. It will not provide information on seabed type, density or other characteristic. It will map the top layer of any aqueous sediment layer present. We use our multibeam system on most projects. We push our system to the limit of employing our system in locations where most survey vessels will not be able to access. This is possible due to unique sensor mounting system we have developed and shallow draught vessel combined with many years of experience of working in shallow water. 

Single Beam Bathymetry

Single beam bathymetry will provide soundings only along the track of the survey vessel only. It is typically used in extremely shallow water where multibeam sounding is not practical or possible. It is also used for wide area reconnaissance surveys where the finer detail of the bed topology is not required.

 We still use our single beam system on many projects. Many customers are attracted by the cost effectiveness of the single beam system, especially where they are simply monitoring seabed levels and not directly concerned with the safety of navigation. 


Side Scan Sonar

Side scan sonar is an instrument tool for determining the presence of bed mounted objects, features and obstructions that might not be clearly mapped with the multibeam soundings. This instrument is typically used for determining the presence of small scale features mounted on seabed which may pose a threat to the safety of navigation. It may also be used for determining the top sediment composition of the seabed.

We use our side scan for around 25% of our projects. This towed instrument is most frequently used by us to supplement multibeam data collection to ensure the safety of navigation. We do also use it for seabed classification surveys and also once in a while are contracted to use it to search for lost anchors, chains or other items. 

Vessel Mounted LIDAR

Vessel mounted LIDAR surveys provide high density data points of the land (buildings/ foreshore/ piers etc.) adjacent to the vessel track. It will provide plan level information at a accuracy of around +/- 5 centimetres.

We have used our LIDAR system to map coastal slopes, cliffs, beaches, underneath pier and other structures and also for general site layout surveys (pontoon and marina positioning). Additionally, we have conducted many surveys of quay walls using the LIDAR system for above water and the multibeam system for below water coverage – thereby creating a seamless model of the quayside and adjacent seabed and structures.

Geophysical Survey

Geophysical surveys are used to obtain sediment layer thicknesses and possibly an indication of each layers composition below the bed level. They are used in a whole variety of applications from oil exploration, aggregate identification to UXO clearance surveys. They may also be used to determine the suitability of an area to be dredged – by measuring the sediment thickness overlaying the bedrock or other hard layer.

We conduct many geophysical surveys each year using shallow geophysical instrumentation. Systems we use include pingers and boomers. We recently purchased a portable and easily deployable shallow geophysical system called a Stratabox. This system is proving very popular in locations where the traditional pinger and boomer setups are either expensive or not suitable, especially in inshore (harbours) and inland areas (reservoirs and lakes). 

Data Analysis

A supplementary service that we offer is analysis of data trends enabling easy visual and measured change comparisons for your data sets. This may also extend to the provision of cross sections and volume calculations.

Marina Surveys

Over recent years Shoreline Surveys have successfully surveyed various marinas using our MB2 multibeam system, including a recent contract with one of the UK’s largest marina operators. The installation on our survey vessel using our bespoke mount has provided a swift and efficient solution for multibeam surveys in locations where previously high prices and long mobilisation time has prevented the supply of such comprehensive data. The success of this system has exceeded our expectations and as such we have bid for and been awarded some very ambitious small and large scale projects. We’d be pleased to quote to survey your marina. 

Marina Survey

Product Benefits

  • Near 100% Coverage
  • Coverage beneath moored vessels & pontoons
  • comprehensive mapping of mounds, scour holes & other small scale features
  • Enhanced data providing greater accuracy for volume calculations & residual comparisons
  • No need to move vessels or dismantle pontoons
  • minimal interruption or disruption to marina traffic
  • Removes seasonal dependencies for surveys

Product Features

  • 1.8 x 1.8 degree beam width
  • 140 degree swath
  • Selectable frequency (200-460khz)
  • Water coloumn, back scatter, side scan & snippets*
  • High accuracy intergrated Applanix POS MV MRU
  • Rapid mobilisation

Saftey Boat Services

Shoreline Surveys Limited are able to offer MCA Coded work vessels to support your next project. Having provided workboats for many projects to date, we are now offering MCA Coded work boats to further satisfy our clients requests. Vessels may come with our without skipper/ crew and can be deployed anywhere throughout the UK for short or long term contracts. All vessels are road trailered and we can delivery to site if needed.

  • Safety Boat Provision
  • Crew Transfers
  • General Workboat
  • Survey Vessel